Replacing Your Kendama String

After looking at the detailed sweets kendama diagram of how to tie a kendama string, I thought I’d embed this video of Yuji Suzuki, the managing director of the makers of the Oozora explaining how to replace a kendama string.

The Hotaka brochure illustration in the previous post shows the steps to tie the double kendama knot, which as Mr. Suzuki explains is only used if you want extra safety with a bigger knot. Or if you want to be old-school and go beadless, which some people like, in order to reduce spinning of the ball on the string. But the Hotaka magazin kendama diagram up to step 5 is the normal, single knot (as kendama games explain on the next page anyway) that you’d usually want to use.
These are slip knots in that you can just pull the loose end to untie them. But they are very secure when pulled in the direction of the main string. has a page on this also, but their illustration doesn’t look quite right to me, or at any rate doesn’t show the step to get to the final result.